Graham Shapiro completes the 2012 London Marathon!

GSD® CEO, Graham Shapiro finished the London Marathon in 5hrs 45mins!

It’s been quite a 6 month journey for Graham. At week 8 of training on a 15 mile run Graham picked up a cronic ITB ‪(Iliotibial band syndrome‬) injury in his right knee. During the final weeks of preparation Graham was advised by his sports physio and osteopath not to run at all for those final 3 weeks and just continue with cardio training.

During the Marathon at mile 9 Graham’s ITb injury flared up. He decided on previous advice given to stop every mile for the last 17 miles, stretch for 5 mins and try to continue running..1 mile at a time..although painful it worked!

” I cannot even begin to thank everyone enough for their donations and support during this Marathon. It’s this and the brave challenge that my mother-in-law has had to endure with Dimentia that gave me the willpower to fight through the pain and finish!”

Graham has raised so far £3,127.48 for The Mental Health Foundation and £1,200.00 for The Mase Group. Online link