GSD® are proud to have worked alongside CH Moody & Son for 20 years – Elegance and Style by Tradition

July 2020 marks 20 years since we at GSD® were first invited to undertake some exclusive creative work for CH Moody & Son.

Founded upon the highest principles, CH Moody & Son succeed in providing the finest jewellery and watches. This tradition continues through the fourth successive generation, by working with talented designers with flair and exemplify passion. Together, they represent some of the leading names in the world of luxury lifestyle.

GSD® CEO Graham Shapiro commented, “At the time, it was perhaps a leap of faith on the part of Carl Moody and his mother, Mrs. Moody to place their trust in me. For my part, although I felt privileged to be working with such a distinguished firm, which even then had a distinguished history dating back to 1883, it was nevertheless a huge responsibility and one that I took very seriously.

Carl initially asked me to work on their brand and since then, we have advanced to create online and offline designs that have evolved naturally over 20 years.

I shall always be grateful to Carl and Mrs. Moody for placing their profound trust in me, for their endless patience, courtesy and the goodwill that my team and I continue to share with Carl Moody and his dedicated team at CH Moody & Son. This relationship has also helped us to form collaborations with Stephen Webster, Rolex and Clive Christian over the years.”