GSD® are proud to be product development and visual communication partners of is the ultimate 3D coaching session planning software that has radically changed football coaching all over the world. Currently used by some of the world’s biggest clubs: Liverpool, Manchester United and LA Galaxy to name a few.
Created and developed by experienced sports coaches and world-class IT visual communication specialists with over 20 years of experience. The session planning tool and session library has been meticulously developed to ensure that the programme is very user friendly to sports coaches of all ages and abilities.

Having worked on the creation and development of the sportsessionplanner solution, GSD® CEO & Founder, Graham Shapiro was asked by Managing Director of Sport Session Planner, Magnus Alford to become their Director of Design at the start of 2013 and the partnership is going from strength to strength.

Commenting on the new partnership Magnus Alford said “Graham and his team at GSD® have helped take Sport Session Planner to the next level. Combining award winning visual communication with our offering is the perfect combination. I’ve built a strong working relationship with GSD® and there are some exciting projects underway.”